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Teeth Whitening – Houston, TX

Leave Stubborn Stains and Discoloration In The Past

Closeup of woman's white teeth and beautiful smile

Did you know that a recent survey discovered that 80% of adults want whiter teeth? If this statistic sounds all too familiar, then you probably already tried everything from brightening toothpaste to at-home kits. Unfortunately, these products often promise the moon and stars but deliver lackluster results, which is why professional teeth whitening in Houston is the way to go! To schedule your initial consultation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Or, you can keep reading to learn how you can leave stubborn stains and discoloration in the past!

Why Choose Palmer Dental Group of Houston For Teeth Whitening?

  • Kind, Experienced Dental Experts
  • 100% Personalized Treatment Plans
  • Comfortable, Modern Dental Office

Common Causes of Dental Staining & Discoloration

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Dental discoloration could be the result of a number of factors, which is why understanding the root of the issue is so important. Therefore, the first step in your journey to a new and improved smile will begin by discovering which of the below is causing stains and yellowing:

  • Use of tobacco products
  • Consumption of dark-colored foods, like berries and coffee
  • Extensive enamel wear
  • Overconsumption of fluoride (fluorosis)
  • Certain medications

Limitations of Store-Bought Teeth Whitening

Closeup of woman putting on whitening strip

Due to the price and sheer convenience, many patients try brightening their teeth at home first. Unfortunately, the low dosage whitening agents and flimsy applicators often lead to less than impressive results. Not only is their one-size-fits-all approach not effective, but it can lead to imperfect results on the occasions they do work. Therefore, it’s best to not waste your money and leave teeth whitening treatment to the pros!

The Process of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Our cosmetic dentist in Houston is proud to offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments! If you would prefer to erase discoloration from the comfort of your own home, Dr. Palmer will provide you with a custom tray and personalized whitening agent to gradually brighten your smile. By wearing them for 30 minutes twice a day, you’ll see the beautiful results firsthand in just a couple of weeks. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to lighten your teeth up to eight shades in a single visit, then we will use a special hydrogen peroxide gel and light to achieve your smile goals. Either way, you can rest assured you’ll get the dramatic, yet natural-looking, results you deserve.

Maintaining Your Bright, Beautiful Smile

Closeup of woman smiling while flossing her teeth

Once you see the power of bright, beautiful teeth, you’ll want the results to last as long as possible. Fortunately, you can keep your new and improved smile in pristine condition by implementing the below best practices:

  • Brush for two minutes at least twice a day
  • Floss daily
  • Visit our team every six months for a dental exam and professional cleaning
  • Limit your consumption of dark-colored foods and drinks
  • Don’t use tobacco products
  • Use at-home whitening kits to touch up your results a few times a year