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Replace Missing Teeth – Houston, TX

New Teeth That You Can Count On

Woman sharing smile after replacing missing teeth

All of your teeth are extremely important. If even one is missing, it can have a devastating effect on your oral health and your everyday life. You’ll want to find a top-quality replacement as soon as possible, and fortunately, Dr. Palmer has plenty of options for you to choose from to replace missing teeth in Houston, TX. No matter if you’re looking for reliable traditional dentures or quality dental implants, we can help you enjoy a full and healthy smile again.

Why Choose Palmer Dental Group of Houston to Replace Missing Teeth?

  • Start-to-Finish Dental Implant Placement
  • Natural-Looking Dental Bridges
  • Reliable Partial & Full Dentures

What Happens if I Do Nothing?

Person holding jaw in pain

If you don’t do anything about a lost tooth, you’re likely to suffer from:

  • Bone loss in the jaw due to the lack of chewing stimulation
  • Remaining teeth shifting into the empty space
  • An irregular bite that causes headaches, muscle pain, wearing of the teeth, and TMJ disorders
  • Difficulty chewing certain foods
  • An older appearance after losing the support of your teeth and jaw
  • Speech issues, such as slurring or the inability to clearly pronounce certain words

Dental Bridges

Model smile with fixed bridge restoration

Made of two crowns attached to prosthetic teeth, dental bridges can either replace one tooth or several teeth in a row. The crowns sit on your natural teeth next to the gap and support the replacement ones. The bridge will let you speak and chew normally again, and it will prevent oral health issues such as a misaligned bite or dental drift. With the right kind of care, your new teeth can last for about 15 years.

Full & Partial Dentures

Four types of dentures

If there are a few gaps in different places in your smile, they can be filled in with a uniquely designed partial denture held in place by metal clasps. On the other hand, if all of your teeth are missing, they can be replaced at once with full dentures that rest directly on the gums. In any case, dentures are an excellent solution for extensive tooth loss, and you can conveniently take them out of your mouth for regular cleanings.

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Dental Implants

Woman sharing smile after dental implant tooth replacement

In many ways, dental implants can be considered the new gold standard for replacement teeth. They’re permanently anchored to the jawbone, making them more comfortable and stable than other restorations; they also let you enjoy all your favorite foods again, and they look as natural in your mouth as they feel. Best of all, you won’t need to get a replacement every few years; implants are durable enough to last for decades or even the rest of your life.

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