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Dental Implants – Houston, TX

Building Stronger Smiles

Woman sharing smile after dental implant tooth replacement

Dental implants have become one of the most popular options among dentists and patients when it comes to replacing missing teeth, with 5 million new implants being placed each year. It’s easy to see why: they offer many advantages that traditional dentures and bridges simply don’t have, and they look and feel natural. Call Dr. Palmer today if you’ve lost a tooth or expect to lose a tooth soon; after an examination, he can start creating a plan to rebuild your new and improved smile with dental implants in Houston, TX!

Why Choose Gregory Palmer, DMD & Associates for Dental Implants?

  • Implant Placement & Restoration Under One Roof
  • State-of-the-Art Dental Office
  • A Dentist That Makes Your Comfort a Priority

What Is a Dental Implant?

Patient looking at dental implant model

The actual replacement tooth will be a crown, a bridge, or dentures; the implant itself will serve as a new tooth root. Implants are titanium posts that can have a diameter as small as 3.5 millimeters. Unlike traditional restorations that sit on the gums or are supported by natural teeth, implants are inserted directly into the jaw and essentially become part of the bone. As a result, your new teeth will be held firmly in place and can be trusted to never shift.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Senior woman eating a green apple after dental implant tooth replacement
  • Aesthetics: With the post hidden under the gums and a beautiful restoration, virtually no one will be able to tell you even have a false tooth or teeth.
  • No Slipping: Traditional dentures might move around if they don’t fit properly, but implants will keep them in place so that you can speak clearly and chew easier.
  • Confidence: Thanks to the lack of slipping and the aesthetic advantages, implants can make it much easier to smile. As a result, your self-esteem will improve.
  • Stronger Jawbone: Since they stimulate the jawbone, implants are the only kind of tooth replacement that can prevent bone loss.
  • Oral Health: Implants will stop your other teeth from drifting, which makes them easier to brush and floss. They also don’t require us to make changes to your enamel.
  • A Lifelong Smile: With minimal maintenance, you can expect to keep your implants for decades.

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Man with missing tooth looking at replacement tooth color options

Before you get implants, your gums need to be healthy, and your jaw must have enough bone to support the posts. Once we’ve decided that you’re ready, we can start planning the implant placement surgery. You’ll need a different number of implants depending on how many teeth are missing.

Missing One Tooth

Animated implant supported dental crown placement

Just one missing tooth can lead to bone loss and create serious bite complications. Luckily, a single dental implant and crown can take its place very effectively. Note that in most cases, you’ll need to wait a few months for osseointegration to take place before the implant is able to bear the load of a crown.

Missing Multiple Teeth

Animated implant supported fixed bridge placement

Sometimes, the gap in your smile will be wider than just a single tooth, and in those cases, you can “bridge” the gap with a restoration called a dental bridge. This is a pair of crowns that holds one or more prosthetic teeth between them, and each crown is supported by an implant.

Missing All of Your Teeth

Animated implant supported denture placement

Even if you’ve lost all of your teeth, you could still be a candidate for dental implants. Full dentures can be supported by as few as four posts (though some patients might need more). When your dentures are anchored this way, they can be brushed and flossed just like real teeth.


Animated All-on-4 denture placement

The All-on-4 treatment was developed in 1998, and since then, it has become a popular option for placing implants without the need for bone grafting. The posts are positioned so that they take advantage of the areas of the jaw with the highest bone density. With this approach, you can receive temporary dentures on the same day as the surgery!

Start to Finish Convenience

Woman looking at smile in mirror

Thanks to his training and experience, Dr. Palmer can both place and restore dental implants. As a result, there’s no need to see a specialist to have the surgery done; the entire procedure will be in the hands of a dentist you’re already familiar with, and everything is taken care of under one roof. For particularly complex or difficult implant procedures, you can trust our periodontist, Dr. Holland, to provide the precise care that you need.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Model smile with implant supported dental crown

The ultimate cost of dental implants is different for everyone, and we’ll only be able to give you an estimate after Dr. Palmer has performed an examination. That’s because there are many different variables to consider, including:

  • The exact number of teeth missing and where the empty spaces are located.
  • Whether you need a crown, a bridge, or dentures.
  • The preparatory stages of the process, which may or may not include bone grafting, periodontal therapy, or tooth extractions.

Once we’ve narrowed down the price, we can work with you to make the treatment affordable, whether it’s through dental insurance or third-party financing like CareCredit or Wells Fargo.

Compared to traditional bridges and dentures, dental implants might seem more costly at first. However, since they don’t need to be replaced nearly as often, there’s a good chance that they’ll save you money in the long run.